Green Aventurine Stone: Meaning, healing benefits and uses

Green Aventurine Stone: Meaning, healing benefits and uses

Key points: Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity”. It is said to bring luck and prosperity to the user. We at British D’sire aim to become this “Green aventurine” in the life of our sellers by bringing new opportunities. 

Green Aventurine Stone

What is Green Aventurine?

Green Aventurine is a translucent quartz stone and is popularly known as the “ stone of opportunity”. It is named after the Italian word “ a Ventura” which means “ by chance”, which is the reason behind its popularity as the stone of opportunity.

It is mainly green in colour; however, depending on the impurities, the shade of green varies.  Green Aventurine stone is considered to be the luckiest stone of all and is known for augmenting one’s chances in different situations, bringing optimism, and boosting creativity, prosperity and wealth.

We at British D’sire aspire to be this aventurine stone in the lives of our sellers by providing them with the best opportunity to market their products and grow with us.

What are the healing benefits of Green Aventurine stone?

Green Aventurine stone is associated with luck and prosperity. It helps in perseverance, boosts leadership qualities and promotes embracing new ideas. There are many other benefits of Green Aventurine stone, let us check them out one by one.

Green Aventurine

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  • Bringing Opportunity: As has already been mentioned above that this stone is known as the stone of opportunity, this stone is acclaimed to invite new opportunities in life. 

    It opens gates for new possibilities and makes ways for them to happen. This stone helps in turning your endeavours into results. It favours luck in your direction and provides you with results. 

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  • Bringing luck and good fortune: Since Green Aventurine brings new opportunities in life, it promotes luck in your direction. 

  • It is believed that holding this stone in your hand can manifest your dreams and desires. Some people tend to bring this stone to casinos or racing games to win.

  • Attracting wealth: As green aventurine crystal is related to good luck and opportunity it translates into creating wealth and prosperity. By bringing new prospects to life and positive changes in life it tends to increase your odds of success.

  • Success in life is inadvertently interconnected with affluence. It is said that looking at a green aventurine reminds you of your luck and opportunities in life. So, it is better if it is worn, where it can be seen like a bracelet, as a ring or as a necklace. For more gemstone jewellery check out Pearlz Gallery products on our website.

  • Emotional healing: Aventurine stone tends to create calm and soothing energy and guides oneself towards inner harmony. It helps in dealing with day-to-day stress and removes nervousness, irritation and anger from one’s life. 

  • It pacifies emotional wounds, creates a better understanding of the situations, and provides a better perspective toward challenging situations.

    Green Aventurine

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  • Physical healing: Apart from emotional healing green aventurine stone is also known for improving the circulatory system, cardiac conditions and recovery from prolonged illness. It is also considered to benefit urinogenital and fertility issues. 

    It is also used to deal with skin issues such as eczema and acne. It is also known to boost the power of homeopathic remedies. It clears and activates the heart chakra which promotes general well-being and emotional calm. Aventurine stone can be worn with other stones too. Browse our jewellery section for a variety of gemstone jewellery and choose your favourite! 

  • Spiritual healing: Aventurine gemstone is a wonderful harmonizer. It alleviates the negativity and brings out a balance in life.

  • It tends to inspire oneself to be more involved in the present, be more aware of it and embrace present experiences, change, growth and renewal. It is great for meditation and brings a calming energy to life.

    What are the uses of Green Aventurine?

    While it is not the birthstone of any particular zodiac sign, Green Aventurine is considered the natural gemstone for people born between April 20 - May 20.

    It is the stone of renewal, success and good health. It is also a traditional stone for those born under the sign of Libra between September 23 and October 22.

    It is used in Feng shui, amulets and as a healing crystal for the above-mentioned zodiac signs. It can be worn as a pendant or in rings. It is better to wear it as a pendant as it is associated with the heart chakra.

    Green Aventurine Stone

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    We would like to take this moment and state that British D’sire acts much like Green Aventurine stone for its sellers and provides them with a chance to grow their business. 

    We are always looking for new ways to improve and grow, selling with British D’sire will provide you with the best possible resources and strategies which will create ample opportunities and garner fruitful results your way. Start selling with us today and grab exclusive offers and benefits.


    Why should you choose Green Aventurine stone?

    While there are many crystals and stones present that are used for a variety of purposes. It is never a bad idea to go for Green Aventurine stone as it promotes abundance and prosperity in one’s life. 

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