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Valentine’s day card ideas

Listening to their name gives you butterflies in the stomach. You feel all the romantic songs are made for both of you and a look at them is enough to make your day. Isn’t it the most amazing feeling in the world?

Dear friend, this is love! The word that is enough to make a sane person go mad enough to do impossible things. Valentine’s day is near, it's time to confess your feelings for that special one! And even if you have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend or are married, this day is just an opportunity to shower extra love on them.

What better way to express your feelings than saying with a card? Sure you have a number of options for Valentine’s gifts, but the traditional way of expressing your feeling with a card is irreplaceable. 

In this blog, we have put together some incredibly pretty valentines day cards for him and her that will not only make that special one blush but it may also become a beautiful souvenir to be cherished now and forever. 

Custom valentines cards

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husband valentines card

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If you are looking for a card to express your feelings, a photo wallet card that could be kept forever in a wallet is perfect. It reminds you of the love every time you bring your wallet out. Its compact size makes it perfect to go in any standard wallet. 

It can be personalised with a message of your choice. You can give it to your husband or pair it with a husband valentines card to bring out the true essence of the special day. If you are looking for custom valentines cards, this one is perfect for you.

Valentines cards for him

Grab the perfect Valentine's card for your bae from our incredibly perfect Valentine card collection, that includes cute messages for him, cards, funny and quirky printed cards and more.

You can go for a metal card with a personalised message and mention special dates on it, which makes for a wonderful keepsake to be treasured.

If you want to go a little naughty for your valentines day card for husband, don’t forget to check out our collection of rude valentines day cards for him. It is perfect for bringing a little oomph to this day. Pair it with your favourite gifts for him and make him go gaga over it.


Funny valentines cards for him are quite in trend these days, gifting these makes perfect sense, as besides showing your love it brings a smile to your bae’s face too.

Valentines cards for him

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Valentines cards for her

Don't worry if you are finding it hard to choose that perfect valentine's day cards for wife. British D'sire brings lovely valentines card for girlfriend, wife valentines card with all kinds of messages from naughty to emotional.

Have a look at them here and choose yours.

Daddy valentines card

Valentine's day is all about celebrating your love. Be it your father, mother, daughter, friend or just anyone. The day is not confined to a boy-girl relationship as opposed to popular belief. It's a day to let them know that they matter to you.

This Valentine's day let your dad know you love him with a happy valentines day card.

Find this beautiful message valentine's card to give him.

Daddy valentines card

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Mum valentines card

For all the singletons out there, do not get disheartened if you don’t have a Valentine yet. As said earlier Valentine’s day is all about cherishing your relationships. 

Your mom definitely deserves all your love and giving Valentine’s day card is something that will surely bring happy tears to her eyes.

Find the perfect mum valentines card here.

Friend valentine cards

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.

                                                         – Elie Wiesel

As the quote says friendship is even better than love. Also, you never know when a friendship can transcend into love. Giving Valentine’s cards and letting your friend know that they are special definitely makes sense. Grab your favourite valentine's day cards for friends here.

You can also gift them e valentine cards or online valentines cards with gifts from our collection.

Valentine’s day cards for son/daughter

Now that it’s out in the open that Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily have to be about a special kind of relationship. It is all about celebrating your bond. This bond can be with anyone.

This Valentine’s day make sure to remind your son or daughter that you love them with daughter valentines card or valentines card for son.

Choose one from our collection.

Hope you loved our suggestions. Check out our Valentine’s gift section to choose gifts to go with these cards.

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Some FAQs

Ques: What kind of Valentine’s day card can I gift my husband?

Ans: There are a number of options for Valentine's cards available for gifting. There are cards with personalised messages, metallic cards that could be kept in wallets or rude valentines day cards with quirky and naughty messages that can be given to the husband on this lovely day. Find them here.

Ques: Where can I get a personalised keepsake for my dad this Valentine’s day?

Ans: British D’sire has the coolest collection of personalised gifts. Such as this incredible metal photo card. Shop them now!

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