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Christal Cosmetics Exfoliating toning lotion
Exfoliating toning lotion Exfoliating Toning Lotion a blend of exfoliating acids and hydrating emollients to soothe and moisturize your skin, works by sloughing away dead skin cells to rid your skin of fine lines and blocked pores and consequently reveal...
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Klara's Green Skin bright Serum 30 ml
Green Skin bright Serum What are age spots? Age spots are flat brown, grey, or black spots on the skin. They usually occur on sun-exposed areas, like the backs of the hands and the face. Age spots typically happen due...
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MG Skin Care Tea tree extract & witch hazel flower SkinToner, Gentle face toner for exfoliation & cleansing congested skin, Toner For Face with 1% of Salicylic acid
Purifying Face Toner Treating & Conditioning: Acne - oily & congested skin. Our face toner is formulated to prepare the skin before primers, facial creams, sunblock, or makeup.With tea tree extract & witch hazel flower, perfect for Refreshing + Refining...
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