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We welcome you to British D'sire, a marketplace for extraordinary buying.

British D'sire is your one-stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. We specialise in selling affordable luxury items including jewellery, fashion & beauty products. We offer a hassle-free shopping experience with a wide selection of brands and products. Our goal is to showcase only the products of SMEs, startups, and budding entrepreneurs.


In 2019, the startup industry experienced a huge boom around the globe. We witnessed the birth of many SMEs and budding entrepreneurs at that time. The challenges they faced during that time period were equally rewarding. Customers' buying behaviour changed as a result of the startup culture.

The pandemic struck the world at the end of 2019, leaving the economy in shatters. It created a gap between the industry and its customers. And it becomes increasingly difficult for them to purchase from SMEs and budding entrepreneurs.

During those difficult times, the customers wanted a platform which could provide them with products and as well as help the SMEs and other struggling entrepreneurs. Thus, British D'sire designed a platform that allows customers to buy exclusively from startups and SMEs. With this platform, customers can purchase exclusive products from brands around the world. We assist these brands in reaching their intended audience. The purpose is to support SMEs and budding entrepreneurs and help them achieve their true potential.

This was the beginning of British D'sire.

We maintain the spirit of local markets and, at the same time, help them to create a robust online presence. British D'sire aims to support these SMEs and startups by making them accessible to the masses throughout the UK.

British D'sire is created with a dream to reinvent the shopping experience culture along with SMEs and startups. We are delighted to help our customers meet their ideal brands with incredible customer service.

Our goal is to offer customers the freedom to choose. We are dedicated towards our goal to support all the small businesses and help them realise their true potential.

When the whole business world only focuses on selling products from giant corporations, we focus on bringing the essence of local markets to our customers. Our platform allows our customers to find luxury products at a reasonable price from brands owned by SMEs worldwide.

British D’sire is committed to providing customers with a transparent platform to purchase and support products from the local market. Thus, The British D’sire family is a community of passionate people who are vocal for the local. Our platform bridges the gap between the small businesses and the concerned customers providing the SMEs with the right exposure and the customers with exclusive, locally produced products.

Our vision is to boost the growth of homegrown brands by providing them with all the platforms they need and deserve, ultimately creating a community of people who support small businesses, startups, and budding entrepreneurs.
The mission of British D'sire is to assist small businesses in becoming established, connecting directly to their customers and ultimately helping them to grow.
Freedom, in our opinion, is the ultimate luxury a person possesses. Our all-in-one shopping platform gives you the freedom to select and buy from our extensive and exclusive selection.
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