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Michelle Lauren Hair Envy Reverse Grey Hair Naturally

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Hair Envy – Reverse Grey Hair Naturally, Hair therapy significantly darkens hair color. This result was shown after 60 days of use and increases as the cure extends. 
After 120 days of use, up to 13% darkening appears. 
This shows a gradual re-pigmentation of white and greying hair.
Given the results’ evolution, an even higher pigmentation rate is possible with an extension of the cure beyond 4 months

Hair Envy - Reverse Grey Hair Naturally:

The formula is natural and offers a cure that is permanent, instead of a temporary fix which you need to keep applying e.g. hair dye, root spray, root power, or root mascara, all of these current options are time-consuming and offer the consumer limited coverage, depending on how often you wash your hair, not to mention the damage that can be done by continuously recoloring your hair.

Hair Envy contains all the essential nutrients as well as bio-available precursors responsible for hair coloring.
Our formulation not only addresses the issue of grey hair but also reduces hair loss and improves hair strength.

  • Buy One month supply (90x1) Capsules £39.99 x1 -Daily Dose (3) with a meal. Total £31.99
  • Buy Three Months supply (90x3) Capsules £37.99 x3 - Daily Dose (3) with a meal. Total £91.18
  • Buy Six Months supply (90x6) Capsules £35.99 x6 -Daily Dose (3) with a meal. Total £172.75

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Michelle Lauren Hair Envy Reverse Grey Hair Naturally
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