5 reasons to buy an eternity ring for your partner

5 reasons to buy an eternity ring for your partner

Although eternity rings have been popular for a while, their appeal is growing as time passes. It won't be long until everyone begins purchasing an eternity ring for themselves or their lovers, as all kinds of people get on board with the fad. 

There are many reasons for their immense popularity these days. Let’s check out a few of them so that you have an idea of why you should choose an eternity ring for your partner. Let’s get started!!

Simple, unique and elegant appeal

Are you one of those people who prefer their jewellery light and sophisticated? Fashion has evolved from gaudy and pompous jewellery pieces to sleek and minimalistic designs. Eternity rings are a perfect example of this evolved fashion trend. 


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Eternity rings are basically just a band with precious stones studded all along the diameter. Its simplistic charm makes it a perfect gift for your partner on any and all kinds of occasions. It’s a kind of ring that can be carried all day long without having to worry about it getting tangled in your clothes, unlike other rings. 

Whether it is a men’s eternity ring or a women’s eternity ring, the design and appearance of eternity rings make it a unique piece of jewellery as it looks different from other rings that you wear on your finger.


Eternity rings are a symbol of the bond that you and your partner share. It’s a common gift for the occasion of weddings or engagements. As their popularity has grown so much in recent years, it’s only evident that there are so many experiments being done by jewellers to incorporate as many variations as they could offer.


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Eternity rings are available in a wide variety of stones and metals. Silver eternity rings, yellow gold eternity rings, rose gold eternity rings, ruby eternity rings, and sapphire and diamond eternity rings to name a few. You can get the eternity ring of your choice without any hustle.

So, if you don’t have much time to think about a gift for your lady, going with an eternity ring always works. Trust me she’ll never know that it took you only half an hour to pick out that perfect eternity ring. 

Symbolic of a romantic gesture

Well, it’s no secret that eternity rings are a symbol of eternal love. Roses and chocolates had their time, now is the time to express your love with jewellery. Eternity rings are associated with unending love for your partner. So, if you are looking for a ring to propose there’s no better option than eternity rings.

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There are a plethora of options available if you are looking to buy an eternity ring for women.

Have a tour of our gorgeous collection of eternity rings for women here.

It’s trending

Many couples are choosing to gift each other eternity rings when they hit important milestones in their relationship. Another reason why eternity rings are growing in popularity is that the style has really caught on with a lot of famous couples in recent years.

Celebrities are wearing and endorsing eternity rings too, which is one of the many reasons why these rings are in trend. Furthermore, eternity rings are the kind of rings that can be flaunted at all kinds of places and occasions. 

Be it a formal scenario or an informal occasion, these rings make for a perfect ensemble. It’s a trend that is for sure here to stay for a long time.

Looking for a vintage eternity ring for your partner? Check them out here.

It goes well with other rings

When it comes to fashion there are certain rules. For example, you can’t wear something that doesn’t go with your body or overuse of accessories is strictly forbidden. Gladly with eternity rings, the most important thing is that they go very well with all kinds of rings.

You can pair them with an engagement ring, wedding ring or the matching ring that you carry with particular outfits. They do not look awkward in any setting. It makes perfect sense to carry your eternity ring all the time as it looks aesthetically correct with every other kind of ring that you own.

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These were a few reasons why buying an eternity ring is a good idea. We have a fine collection of eternity rings of various kinds including silver eternity rings, ruby eternity rings, yellow gold eternity rings, sapphire and diamond eternity rings, rose gold eternity rings and many other kinds of precious eternity rings for women as well as men. Check them out now!

Feel free to ask any questions related or unrelated to them. Send your queries to info@britishdsire.com or call 442081577075.


Some FAQs

Ques: How do I choose my eternity ring?

Ans: There are a few parameters on the basis of which you can choose a perfect eternity ring for yourself or your partner, such as the kind of stone, the variety of metal you are looking for, the price range you are willing to pay and most importantly choosing the right platform to buy an original authentic ring.


Ques: On which finger should I wear my eternity ring?

Ans: Any finger you want! Yes! There are no specific rules here, you can flaunt your eternity ring on whichever finger you want.


Ques: Why should I buy an eternity ring?

Ans: Eternity rings are a symbol of unending love. So, if you are looking to gift your partner a gift that reminds them of the bond that you both share, eternity rings are the best option to go for.

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