Christmas gifts for her: A wishlist for your girl friends

Christmas gifts for her: A wishlist for your girl friends

We can’t keep calm, Christmas is just around the corner!! Are you done buying gifts for this season? We know how tough can it be to deal with all the last-minute purchases and assort gifts for friends and family. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back!

To make your gift shopping a little easier, we bring you this incredible list of the greatest Christmas gifts to give to your girl friends in this blog.

Make up products

A little of this and a little of that and dab dab dab! Well, make-up is an integral part of a girl’s life and what better way to surprise her with some make-up items that will surely be of use to her?

From eyelashes to mascaras, curling irons to incredibly beneficial eye gels there are tonnes of great grooming and make-up products that you can gift her.

makeup kit


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You can buy separate products and create your own make up gift sets to give her. A great idea would be to give it your personal touch and you are already the star of the party!

Have a tour of our Make up section and build your own make up gift set


Scarves for women

Winter is coming! Well, it has already come, but a GoT reference never goes wrong ;).

Scarves are our hottest favourite gifts for this season. If you do not know the likes and dislikes of the person you are buying gifts for and are confused about what will look good on them, scarfs are the best gifting material.

Scarves for women


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They can be used on a variety of occasions and can be paired with a lot of clothing items and not to forget one size fits all.

We have a gorgeous collection of scarves ranging from cool graphic patterns to luxury cashmere scarf.

Looking for incredible scarves for women? Find them here!


Socks for women

It’s Christmas time! Obviously, we are going to talk about socks. You can gift your girl friends cutesy Christmas-themed socks and fill them with other gift items. You can hang these socks on your Christmas tree so that Santa can fill them with gifts and toys.

Socks for women


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Check out more socks to gift or create your own socks gift set here!


You can never go wrong with jewelry gifts for women. Can you? All women love jewellery and to play a little safer if you can’t think of anything, jewelry is the best way to go for a Christmas gift.

Also when it comes to jewelry gifts, there are so many varieties to choose from, right from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to rings you can choose to gift your girl friends according to their taste or your preferences.



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Looking for jewelry gift for Christmas? Check out our collection here.

Also, we are offering up to 30% off on many jewellery products with BD coins, you should definitely check them out and choose what you want. Find them here!


Christmas dress

It’s Christmas time! We all are feeling a little generous. If you want to gift your girl friends clothing items this Christmas, you have huge options.

You can gift them a nice gown, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, jeans and many other dresses.

Christmas dress


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Need I include flowers in the list, or is it too obvious? Flowers are an all-time favourite of women. You can give flowers separately or with other gifts for Christmas.

If you are thinking that flowers for Christmas gift, are a little odd, let me tell you that flower gifts are ‘quite in’ this season, especially artificial flowers. Also, how can you ever go wrong with flowers?

Well, you can’t obviously put flowers on your Christmas tree (or can you? Well, it’s up to you), but you can always give them to welcome your guests. If you don’t want to go with the Christmas flowers or a Christmas bouquet you can go for artificial flowers in a pot as a gift. 



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Not only do they look wonderful, but they are also an incredible addition to your home decor.

Check out these gorgeous flowers in ceramic vase.

Don’t forget to browse this incredible collection of flowers, vases and other decor items from Esme home here.


Personalised Christmas gift

Personalised gifts say a lot more about you than any regular gift. Personalised gifts say that you have put your thoughts into gifts and have not just picked up anything.

Adding a personal touch to your gifts always works. You can engrave your personal message, put their name or date or anything memorable on the personalised gift.


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You can get many incredible gifts from our Christmas collection. You can gift personalised Christmas eve box, personalised beer mugs, or toolbox and many other incredible personalised gifts from our personalised gift collection.

Also, check out this Christmas gift for your friends. Shop it now!

These are some of the ideas for your Christmas Gifts for her. You can browse our Christmas collection for more such gift items. 

Also, this festive season we are offering a discount of up to 30% on luxury jewellery, beauty and lifestyle products. Do not forget to explore them.

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Some FAQs

Ques: Which is the best Christmas gift for girls?

Ans: Well, it depends on the person you want to gift. Not everything works for everyone. Personalised gifts are always better than other gifts. Some girls prefer jewellery more than any gift, some of them like clothing and others may prefer flowers. You can choose your gifts on the basis of the likes and dislikes of the girl you are gifting.

Ques: Do flowers make a nice gift for Christmas?

Ans: Gifting flowers to your girl friends is always a good idea. You can buy the coolest pot with incredible artificial flowers here.

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