How to choose a Promise ring: Things you need to know

How to choose a Promise ring: Things you need to know

As the name implies a promise ring is a ring that symbolizes the promise of a relationship or a commitment to be with each other. A promise ring is given from one person to another in a romantic relationship to symbolise their loyalty and commitment, usually (but not always) prior to being engaged. The exchange of promise rings for couples represents their commitment to each other.

Difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring?

There is a lot of confusion over the different kinds of rings. Some people think that an engagement ring and promise rings are the same. However, there is a remarkable difference between them.

Promise rings are typically given at the start of a relationship after the couple has developed a sense of commitment. Because they are determined to be with each other but are not yet ready for marriage. It is usually given to each other by younger couples. 

An engagement is a more formal and serious symbol of commitment. It is usually given by couples to propose for marriage. 

The different kinds of promise ring

There are various types of promise rings available including gold promise rings, diamond promise rings, rose gold promise rings and silver promise rings. We are bringing you some of our most trending promise rings of the current times. Check them out:

Pandora promise rings

Pandora promise rings may be worn for every situation or mood to express your unique sense of style. They are handcrafted from 14K gold, sterling silver, and Rose gold with carefully chosen jewels, pearls, and stones, and are vibrantly coloured and textured. 

Wear a statement ring or combine and stack these pandora promise rings for the ideal finishing touch to any outfit to provide glitz and glamour.

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Gold Promise rings

Raise your hands if you like gold in your jewellery. Well, gold is undoubtedly the most preferred metal in jewellery for all time owing to its unique appearance, durability and lustre.

Buying a gold promise ring makes perfect sense towards taking that first step towards your relationship. 

The most popular promise ring designs and themes include hearts, an infinity symbol or interlaced patterns to symbolise a couple's unity, Claddagh rings and eternity rings, as well as precious metal bands with a birthstone, mosaic or composite of stones.

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Rose gold promise rings

Rose gold strikes a balance between the conventional and classic feel of yellow gold and the stark and contemporary appeal of white gold. In some respects, it almost feels like a new alternative for those seeking something different.

So if you are looking for a promise ring that is unique, has a striking appearance and is durable you can go for rose gold promise rings.

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Diamond Promise rings

A promise ring can also be a simple band made from sterling silver or gold with an engraved message. Diamond promise rings are quite popular although they tend to be a small carat size and usually set in a cluster or row, unlike diamond engagement rings.

diamond promise ring

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Simulated diamond promise rings are also quite popular. Since a promise ring is usually worn by college students, it just makes perfect sense to go for simulated diamond rings. Besides being extremely beautiful they are quite affordable.

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Silver promise rings

Sterling silver is a flexible, robust metal that is far more resilient than gold, it can withstand an active lifestyle considerably better than a piece of jewellery made of gold. It is also quite inexpensive compared to gold. 

Young fashionistas are increasingly looking forward to silver jewellery since it may be just as gleaming and shiny as other metals while being considerably cheaper.

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Silver promise rings are a wonderful option for young couples to commemorate their love for the world.

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So these were our incredible collection of promise rings. We are known for providing affordable luxury items at amazing prices. Have a look around to choose your favourites

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Some FAQs

Ques: What is a promise ring?

Ans: A promise ring is a ring that is given to each other by young couples mostly at the point at which they are ready for commitment. It symbolises their dedication towards each other.

Ques: What are the most popular designs in a promise ring?

Ans: Technically a promise ring can be of any design, it’s just the notion of promise that is attached to it. However, the most commonly used promise rings consist of a thin metallic band with a heart shape, Claddagh shape, or gemstones or they may also comprise just a band.

Ques: On which finger you should wear your promise ring?

Ans: You can wear your promise ring on any finger you desire. It is entirely your choice. However some people say, if you're not married, you should wear your promise ring on your left ring finger and if you are married, you should wear it on your right hand.

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