Personalised wine and beer gifts for this festive season

Say cheers to this festive season with these personalised wine and beer gifts

Yuhoo! The festive season is here! The celebration of happiness has begun and I am sure you must be busy buying gifts for your friends and family. How about something that is loved by all? Obviously, I am talking about a glass of your favourite drink!! What else could it be ;)?

Surprise your favourite person this festive season with personalised wine and beer gifts to make their celebration a little more special.

British D’sire brings all kinds of personalised gifts including engraved beer mugs, personalised beer glass, wooden wine boxes, whisky set gift for men, fancy whiskey glasses and much more for your bibulous friends.

Get to know about different kinds of wine and beer gifts you can give on various occasions and their unique features in this particular blog.

Personalised beer gifts

Beer lovers unite! Indulging in your favourite beer sounds more appetizing in your favourite beer glass, doesn’t it? A group of awesome friends and family having a bonfire with a cold beer in hand, what a picturesque scene, isn’t it? Add to it, their favourite beer mug and you got your Insta-worthy picture ready in minutes.


Raise a glass to all the love this holiday season brings with our personalised beer glasses for men. You can print your message, a funny quote, a special date or even paste a photo that is close to your heart on your personalised beer glass.

Personalised Beer Mug


                                                                     Have a look at this gorgeous beauty right here.

Our cool and quirky beer glass for men gift will make you a favourite among your family and friends for sure.

Check out our gorgeous collection of personalised beer glasses. This collection surely deserves your appreciation and makes for a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Personalised wine gifts

A glass of wine makes everything fine! Well! I just made it up, but it does sometimes! Doesn’t it? A glass of wine can make your most hectic day better.

So if you are looking for personalised wine glasses for men, to gift to your friends and family, you have come to the right place. 

Personalised wine box


                                                                                    Buy this terrific couple's gift with your personalised message now!

Check out this personalised wine box with a beautiful message for your mom. You can also buy this for gifting on her birthday or to mark any memorable moment in her life.

Apart from this, you can buy this incredibly cool personalised champagne bottle with a label saying your special message. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? 

Personalised whiskey gifts

I followed my heart and it led me to whiskey! Who doesn’t love a perfect glass of whiskey? Raise a toast for friends and family this holiday season with our gorgeous collection of personalised whiskey glass for men.

If you are looking for something other than personalised glasses, explore these stunning and sophisticated whiskey glasses featuring unique and beautiful patterns.

personalised whiskey


                                                                         Check out this incredibly cool personalised whiskey gift set.


If you think giving a simple whiskey glass personalised with your message isn’t enough or a common gift that many people exchange, you can go for this gorgeous whiskey gift set that contains a personalised whiskey decanter that rests on a walnut base. 

It is exclusive and makes a perfect gift for your whiskey lover friends.

Personalised brandy gifts

Brandy is a kind of alcoholic beverage that is produced by the distillation of wine. Usually, it is served after dinner. Brandy is perfect for people who like strong drinks as it contains about 35% to 60% alcohol.

This Christmas or any other time of the year, brandy makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys alcoholic beverages that have a warming and flavorful effect. Today, getting a gift set and sending it to a relative or acquaintance is quite easier because of their easy online availability.

personalised brandy bottle



                                                                 Choose your personalised brandy gift sets for men here.

The correct brandy set should be chosen based on what the recipient will adore.


If you are looking for any other gifting item for this holiday season, you can check out our Halloween collection.

If you have any questions or concerns let us know at or call on 442081577075.

Some FAQs

Ques: What can you write on personalised beer or wine glasses?

Ans: Just about anything! Yeah, you can write whatever you want, most people go with a personal message, name, logo or picture that they admire. Get your personalised beer/wine glass here.

Ques: Why should you buy personalised gifts for your loved ones?

Ans: Nothing says you care better than a personalised gift for your friends and family. A gift that has a personal touch is always loved by people, it shows that you spent some time sending a personal message to someone. Besides, people love to see their names. So, if you want to impress someone, personalised gifts are the way to go.

Ques: Where can I buy personalised wine and beer gifts?

Ans: British D’sire has an incredibly fancy collection of wine and beer gifts, check them all.

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