Trending watches to buy this Christmas :SmartWatches for him

Trending watches/smartwatches to buy this Christmas: Watches for him

Woo hoo!!! The most beautiful time of the year is here! It’s time to spread joy by giving amazing gifts to friends and family. 

Looking for gifting ideas for him, this Christmas season? Say no more! You are right on time.

When it comes to men there used to be limited options for gifting, but not anymore, times have changed, and for good reason. Now you don’t have to spend hours contemplating your gifts for him. There are various categories of gifts, not to mention wrist watches for men still top the list.

wrist watches for men

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It’s time to “sleigh” the festive season, as we present you our incredibly beautiful collection of watches for men, that are not only gorgeous but fit right within your budget. 

Time to grab your cup of tea and send your kids to play, because you are going to be soooooooooooo engrossed in it. 

Get a clearer idea about the most exclusive mens watches to buy this festive season in this blog.

Smart watches for men

Digital watches have a very different reputation. We admire them for their cutting-edge technology and capacity to serve as more than just a timepiece.

Digital watches for men are definitely on our list of things to buy this Christmas. We need not emphasize the craze of smart watches in today’s time. These are the watches men prefer these days. Everyone is wearing one right now! How to find your perfect smart watch within your budget, is the main question here.

Bluetooth Z60 Smartwatch

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Everyone wears a digital watch; they are not just for watch enthusiasts. Additionally, they are easier to use because they have huge digital dials which makes them easier to read.

There are several mens smart watches present on the market, however, our smart watch for men android section is not only the most affordable but also comes with many watches with functions such as waterproof, incredible battery life, health tracking features, pairing with apps and various entertainment features. 

Fitness watch for men

If you are looking for a fitness smartwatch with call function, check this out. 

Price: £24.08

mens fitness watch

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It features GPS Retina HD display Call and Texting Calendar Messages, Alarm, Reminders, and Fitness Tracker all in one. Featuring a larger screen with an ECG app and an electrical and optical heart sensor.

This smart watch android gadget lets you connect directly to your iPhone or Android which makes it a must-buy mens fitness watch for all the fitness enthusiasts. It is also water resistant up to 30 metres, so if you are looking for divers watches for men, don't forget to buy this.

For fitness enthusiasts, one more crazy deal is this gorgeous Apricot Leaf Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

                                                                                                             Grab this Apricot Leaf Fitness Tracker Smart Watch now!


Price: £27.20

This festive season, grab this stunning sports watch men in the digital category. Track your health and fitness with a sports mode. There are three modes, step counter, motion tracking, and heart rate monitor.

You can follow your sleep pattern with the sleep analysis plus get message notifications from your phone. It’s a fantastic waterproof watch with a touchscreen and is available in black, blue, and purple.

Waterproof smart watch for men

Waterproof smart watch for men


                                                                                           Grab this waterproof smart watch now!


Price: £13.99

If you are considering buying a smart watch in the waterproof range is this Bellap waterproof M2 smartwatch, available at only a price of  £13.99, this deal is truly unmissable.

If you frequently prefer smart watch phone calls, this one is for you. The most important factor of this watch is that the budget fits right within your means, this phone watch is one of a kind watch, in its range.

Watches for him

Smartwatches may have taken the world by storm, but analog watches are also not behind. They have their own charm. They are evergreen and are still preferred by many.

They depict a class and are still a cool traditional way to style yourself. They also make for an excellent gift for him. A luxury watch gift is a smart way to communicate "I love you" and it’s an accessory that is worn almost daily.

They won't be receiving gifts like this for Christmas every year; instead, they will treasure them for many years to come. 

They'll think about you every time they glance at their wrist.

wrist watch for her

Check out our stylish collection of mens watches uk here.

Hope you liked our collection! Don’t forget to buy your favourites!

If you have any queries or concerns, send them to or call us at +44 20 8157 7075. Reach out to us through Whatsapp

Some FAQs

Ques: Where can I get waterproof smartwatches on a budget for him?

Ans: British D’sire has a stunning collection of waterproof smartwatches starting from  £13.99. Don’t forget to buy them.

Ques: Where can I get luxury watches for him?

Ans: If you are looking to buy luxury watches for him, have a look at our collection of luxury watches right here. It has some incredibly cool watches that are ideal for gifting him this festive season.

Ques: Should I choose digital or analog watches for a gift this Christmas?

Ans: Choosing a watch truly depends on the taste of the buyer. They both have their own charm. While smart watches are the newest and coolest accessory nowadays, classic watches have their traditional utility. They can be worn on two different occasions and purposes too. Why not have the best of both worlds? At our prices, you got to have one from each section.

Ques: What are some of the best fitness trackers in a budget?

Ans: If you are looking to buy fitness tracker smart watches on a budget, have a look at our collection. These are the best budget trackers on the market.


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