User Guide

User Guide

Our BD Loyalty Rewards Program is meant to recognise our loyal customers and reward them for their trust in our brand.

We believe our loyal customers deserve to get recognised and rewarded, which is why we bring to you our BD Loyalty Rewards Program. The BD Reward Program is designed to provide you with various ways to earn rewards and use them for your benefit. This program is absolutely free and easy to join.

Understanding BD Reward point system for customers:

The British D'sire Loyalty Rewards program is designed for all stakeholders to mutually benefit. Our BD Loyalty Rewards Program for customers provides a way to earn BD Coins for each activity that members perform on British D’sire website.

Reward programs usually come with a condition of making a purchase but at British D’sire our customers do not necessarily have to buy anything in order to be a part of it. It is their personal choice. On British D’sire you will start earning BD Coins right from the sign-up.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of British D’sire family today to make use of our attractive reward point system Join Now!

As a BD Rewards Program member (hereinafter referred to as Members), you will get 5000 BD Coins as a joining reward on your first sign-up. This joining reward that you earn will get accumulated with BD Coins of different values every time you shop or do any activity for British D'sire.

Members can redeem the earned BD Coins and get attractive rewards and discounts on our products.


Just Create an account
and start earning


Earn points every time you
Shop or promote our product.


Enjoy exclusive
benefits and rewards.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
10 BD Coins 20 BD Coins 30 BD Coins 40 BD Coins 50 BD Coins 50 BD Coins 200 BD Coins 50 BD Coins 50 BD Coins 500 BD Coins

These are not your only option. Apart from these you can also buy our Top Up worth different values and earn BD Coins. A Top Up is a tool that helps you earn BD Coins which you can redeem for discounts on our website.

  • A Top Up worth 20 Pounds gives you 10000 BD Coins.
  • A Top Up worth 40 Pounds gives you 20000 BD Coins.
  • A Top Up worth 100 Pounds gives you 50000 BD Coins.

There are several other ways in which you can earn BD Coins.

Referring a friend: You can refer your friend and earn BD Coins. You will get 2500 BD Coins on referring a friend. On signing up, your friend will receive 500 BD Coins as a welcome gift, equivalent to 1 GBP coupon and 5000 BD Coins for the sign-up. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Testimonial: We haven’t specified the BD Coins for providing testimonials by the users. However, we will add a substantial reward manually in such a case.

Product Review: We are still in the process of adding rewards for providing reviews. Meanwhile, if you provide your valuable reviews or share your experiences with a product we offer, we will add a substantial reward manually in such a case.

How to redeem Reward BD Coins?

The BD Loyalty Rewards Program is intended to make our customers feel special, wherein we tend to give them a wide range of rewards to build mutual trust.

Redeeming earned BD Coins is as simple as it sounds. Just join our BD Loyalty Rewards Program, start earning points and redeem. Follow these steps to redeem BD Coins:

In order to redeem Reward BD Coins locate the Rewards button on the far left corner of the page.

Now click on “Redeem” and enter the value of the BD Coins that you have collected. On entering the value a coupon code will be generated. You can apply that coupon code at the checkout page

Start shopping on British D’sire and earn attractive rewards!

Are you ready to join? Our joining process is simple and hassle-free. It takes just a few minutes to join our BD Loyalty Rewards Program.

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