7 Hottest signet rings for this season and why you should buy them?

7 Hottest signet rings for this season and why you should buy them?

“History suggests that there has been a tradition of wearing signs, peculiar designs and symbols in rings, for many years. Signet rings are typically used to signify membership in a family or club. This was done to show dedication and identification of belonging to a particular group. However, these days a signet ring is just synonymical to a fashion accessory.”

Do you think signet rings are a symbol of class, power and masculinity? Do you still consider them a pinnacle of aristocracy or a representation of a glorious club? Well, time to think again, dear friend, because signet rings are back with a bang. 

Engraved, monogrammed, plain or sealed, signet rings are now used as a statement fashion accessory with remarkable designs and unique patterns. British D’sire has the most impeccable signet rings of all times. Let’s give you a quick tour of the best of those signet rings. Here you go:

Gold Signet Ring

Gold signet rings are incredibly popular among both men and women. Gone are the days, when signet rings were merely used as a symbol of a generation or depicted a class that a person belongs to. 

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The old-fashioned signet rings have evolved to include gorgeous designs and patterns. Being the most popular metal for jewellery, gold signet rings are extremely popular. 

Whether you are looking for a popping bold design or going for a sleek graceful pattern, our collection of Gold signet rings is worth your attention.

Silver signet ring

Just like gold, silver is known for its lustre and durability. The most appealing and affordable signet rings are made of silver metal. Sterling silver signet rings boasting simulated diamonds or gemstones are quite in the mainstream these days. 

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Their simplistic charm and versatile nature make them the most coveted jewellery of recent times. If you are looking for great quality, innumerable options and a great selection, look no further than our gorgeous collection of silver signet rings.

Engraved signet ring

Engraved signet rings are the most popular kind of signet ring. Traditionally engraved signet rings were known to be a symbol of power and ownership. Nevertheless, these days engraved signet rings are used as a possession, a piece of precious jewellery with a personalised touch. 

Engraved Signet Ring

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The most unique aspect of engraved rings is that they have their own signature style and always remain popular. They have their own niche and are never out of trend. They can be worn as daily statement wear. Keep it simple yet stylish with this alluring engraved signet ring.

Onyx signet ring

Keep the negativity at bay with a protective Onyx signet ring! Onyx is known as a protective stone, it removes all the negative energies from your life and removes obstacles.

onyx signet ring

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It tends to heal the wearer emotionally and mentally. It also helps one connect with his inner self. Due to these healing benefits, onyx is used in making signet rings. Onyx signet rings are one of the most widely used rings by men. 

Looking for the perfect Onyx signet ring? Find it right here. Grab them before they are gone!

Diamond signet ring

We have a special inclination towards diamond rings. No matter how many trends come and go, diamond jewellery is eternal. It is and will be everyone’s favourite no matter what. Owing to their huge popularity and precious value, diamond signet rings are worth your attention.

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Diamond signet rings boast an incredible shine, and durability and are a symbol of status. They accentuate your femininity and are hugely admired by everyone. So, if you love compliments, diamond signet rings are the way to go.

Find the most incredible simulated diamond signet rings at British D’sire. Shop them now!

Ruby signet ring

Ruby’s gorgeous red hue and beneficial properties make it a preferred gemstone for making jewellery. Owing to its beauty and charisma this has been widely used by royal families for making necklaces, rings, crowns and bracelets. 


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Ruby signet rings have great aesthetic value, besides that ruby is known to bring fortune and remove negativity from the life of the wearer. The rich blood red colour of ruby is said to be the most alluring feature of this gemstone. It is considered a wonderful stone that can work wonders for the wearer.

Make your own fortune with these amazing Ruby signet rings from our collection of rings. Buy now!

Emerald signet ring

Emerald signet rings are another most widely used gemstone signet ring by people all over the world. Emerald is said to represent Mercury and is thought to have properties of that planet. It improves a person's logic and intellectual capacity. 

Wearing Emerald jewellery improves one's ability for thought. It improves a person's capacity for logic and arithmetic reasoning.

Emerald Signet Ring

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The aesthetic value of this gemstone is another reason it is widely used in making jewellery. Its mesmerizing green colour looks amazing with both silver and gold.

Have a look at our amazing collection of Emerald signet rings. Shop Now!

Doesn’t strike a cord? Don’t worry! You can find more options here.

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Some FAQ's

Ques: What are signet rings? 

Ans: A signet ring is distinguished from other rings by an engraved or raised symbol, phrase, or picture on the upper half of the ring that served as a personal or symbolic representation of the owner.

Ques: Are signet rings only designed for men?

Ans: Traditionally signet rings were used as a symbol of power and masculinity, hence were used by men. However, these days signet rings are worn by both men and women.

Ques: How to choose your perfect signet ring?

Ans: Decide on the kind of signet ring you want. Signet rings are available in a wide variety of gems and metals. You can choose them according to your birthstone, your preferred engraving or shape. You can check out our huge selection of signet ring and choose one for yourself. 

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