6 engagement and wedding rings to add a sparkle to your life

6 engagement and wedding rings to add a sparkle to your life

 An engagement ring is perhaps the most significant piece of jewellery you will own in your life. It’s obviously more than a piece of jewellery for you. It’s symbolic of a bond that you and your partner are going to share for a lifetime.

We know how tricky it can be to choose that perfect ring amidst all the hustle and bustle of engagement planning. Don’t worry! Leave that up to us. We are bringing you our topmost engagement rings for women that will surely steal the show! 

Pandora rings

A perfect engagement ring is timeless. It is a piece of jewellery that would have an important place in your heart all your life. You will own many jewellery pieces in your life but your engagement ring will always remind you of your first step towards commemorating your love to the world. 

A pandora ring is a simple yet elegant diamond ring, it takes its name from Greek Mythology according to which Pandora refers to The first woman on earth. It’s the perfect piece of the ring known as a symbol of love and feminity, which you could consider for getting hitched.

Pandora Ring

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When it comes to aesthetics, a pandora heart ring gives out a charming minimalistic vibe and is usually lightweight in comparison to other rings. It’s perfect if you are looking for a comfortable ring which you can carry all the time. Look at this beautiful Pandora Heart Ring made with imitation diamonds.

Gold Ring

When you look for an engagement ring, the most important consideration is a piece of ring that doesn’t get outdated with time. Since women usually prefer to carry their engagement rings all the time, it’s important that the ring doesn’t look old or gets out of fashion in a few years.

Diamond Ring

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Just like your love for one another, your ring should be one that is everlasting. Gold rings are perfect for engagements. They are not only durable, but they have also always been in and even in future will remain in trend. Many trends will come and go but gold is forever.  

Rose gold rings are another favourite among women. Rose gold rings are a little upgraded and unique version of gold rings. Rose gold is gold mixed with alloy and is known for its beautiful colour and subtle pinkish hue. 

British D’sire brings you a classic collection of gold rings. Browse them here.

Diamond Ring:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This quote is indeed true. Women love their diamonds. Besides being precious, diamonds have this unmatchable aesthetic appeal that makes them special. 

Diamond Ring

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If you are going for a valuable ring and have a budget, it’s worth going for a diamond ring. Their lustre lasts a lifetime and their value keeps appreciating day by day. For investment purposes too it’s advisable to go for diamond rings.

Searching for your bling in the diamond? We have this huge collection of assorted simulated diamond rings for women that you would definitely love. Check them out.

Emerald Ring

Emerald is one of the most widely used gemstones by people around the world. Its gorgeous green colour and sparkling shine make it perfect for creating precious jewellery.

Emerald Ring

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Emerald is a symbol of good luck, health and prosperity, so it makes perfect sense to have an emerald in your engagement ring. 

Take a tour of our mesmerising collection of emerald rings for women. You will love them.

Oval engagement rings

Bling comes in all shapes and sizes. Oval engagement rings are quite popular among jewellery enthusiasts. What makes them so special is that oval rings stand out. 

Oval Ring


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Since the round shape is regular and square and other shapes look too geometrical and are not usually as per the feminine taste. Oval-shaped stones are the most sought-after gems in an engagement ring. You can choose an oval-shaped ring in a variety of gemstones or precious metals. 

Browse our collection of oval diamond engagement rings here.

Sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire is a gemstone associated with blessing and abundance and hence is perfect for starting a new chapter in your life. It is a beautiful stone and is present in a number of colours that you can choose from. Sapphire engagement rings are one of the most used gemstone rings owing to their beautiful appearance and benefits.

Sapphire Ring

                                                                                                    Buy Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue sapphire is the most attractive and preferred gemstone by people. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Apart from providing financial and health benefits to the wearer, blue sapphire is also a symbol of love and affection. So, blue sapphire engagement rings should definitely be on your list while looking for your engagement ring.

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Some FAQs

Ques: How should I choose my engagement ring?

Ans: there are a lot of things you should consider while choosing the ring such as your budget, your lifestyle and your nature of work.

Ques: which is the most preferred ring by people for engagements? 

Ans: Diamond ring is the most preferred precious stone ring used by people for their engagements. So if you have a budget you can go for a diamond ring.

Ques: What is a simulated diamond and is it a good idea to have a simulated diamond ring?

Ans: Simulated diamonds are lab-grown gems commonly popular as imitation diamonds. Since they look like diamonds and have great lustre and are highly durable, it is a good idea to have a simulated diamond ring.

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