Beauty and personal care products to stock up on this Christmas sale

Beauty and personal care products to stock up on this Christmas sale

We all love a great deal, don’t we? And what could be a better time than this time of the year to stock up on the items that you are definitely gonna use for the whole year?

Now that we are reaching the most impeccable time of the year, let’s get your shopping sorted as it is also a time for the greatest sale of the year

In this blog, find incredible items that are available at a great price during our festive season sale. Let’s get started:

Hair straighteners & curlers

Looking for smooth, frizz-free straightened or curled hair? Say no more!

The best thing about being a woman is to be able to boast several hairstyles. We all love to play a little with our hair, don't we? People say the best way to change yourself starts with changing your hair.

So, if you like to straighten or curl your hair often, you must be looking for a hair straightening tool that does the work and comes within budget and that does not damage your hair. That’s all there is to look for in the instrument. Isn’t it?

However, finding the right kind of hair curling tools is tricky. We all know how precious hair is for women, and a little mistake can cost you a lot. So, when it comes to choosing the one for your needs, looking for the one that has adjustable heat settings is quite important. 

If you are looking for a curling wand for long hair, check out Angel Decoration Hair Straightening And Curling Iron with LCD Display.

Originally priced at  £88.29, this festive season you can get it at a 20% off using BD coins.  Which makes this deal so bankable.

One of the most remarkable things about this is that it works as both a hair straightener and curler, so you don’t have to worry about buying both tools separately.

                                                                                                       Hurry up! Buy the best hair straightener of all time now!

Investing in a good hair tool always pays off, unless you are visiting a salon every day.

The first thing you need to do before buying an automatic curling iron is to check your specific requirements. 

You may want a tool that works both as a curler or straightener, you may have thick hair, may want specific kinds of curls.  All these are some criteria which you should check before deciding on one.

If you are a lover of bangs and have thin hair you should definitely check out this automatic curling iron. It has great temperature control and is the best one available at this price. 

It is available at a 20% discount using BD coins during our festive season sale, which makes it available at £38.63. It is for sure an unmissable deal for you!

best hair straightener

                                                                                                      Only a few pieces left, shop this curling wand now!

Shaver/ epilator

Unless you want to look like a cave dweller, everyone likes to remove unwanted hair from the body. Don’t we?

There has been quite a debate on the topic “what is better waxing or shaving”?  Before digging into the debate of which one is better, waxing or shaving, we need to understand that there is no right or wrong, both have their pros and cons, so the simple answer is whatever works best for you!

Body hair shavers are recommended when you are looking for quick and easy hair removal. It is also a non-painful way of getting rid of unwanted hair. Waxing is more permanent and lasts longer.

If you are looking for a rechargeable lady shaver, check out this face-eye instant electric shaver. Its pen-like design makes it easy to hold and work on. You can target hair on the areas like chin, upper lip and eyebrows. A 100% quality product that works like a professional.

Body hair shavers

                                                                                                    Grab this amazing electric lady shaver at a 20% discount Now!

Another option these days in the market as a popular hair-removing tool is an epilator for women. The main distinction between an epilator and a shaver is that, in contrast to electric shavers, epilators actually remove the hair entirely from the follicle. Because of this, epilators provide real hair removal rather than providing just a quick way of getting rid of hair.

This is the reason why many women prefer an epilator for body hair over going with shavers. Epilator hair removal leaves skin feeling smoother and softer and the results stay for a longer time. Hair that grows afterwards also comes back thinner.

Eyebrow trimmer/epilator

If your brows are excessively full, an eyebrow epilator is a great option. Although you could pluck, thread, or wax your hair, trimmers work well for general shaping tasks. You can also have an option in how long or short you leave your remaining brow hair as eyebrow trimmer for women also comes with cutting combs.

If you are the kind of person who prefers to leave your eyebrows in a professional's hands, having an eyebrow shaper in your handbag is always a great idea.

An electric eyebrow trimmer may still come in handy, on the days when you have to attend a meeting or function and your eyebrows are not properly shaped. 

Check out this amazing stainless steel rechargeable 2 in 1 eyebrow trimmer. Equipped with the 2 watt power

hair stylers for short hair

                                                                                       Buy this eyebrow trimmer for women at a discounted price Now!

Electric hair brush

A professional blow dryer is difficult to replicate at home. Fortunately, we have hair styling brushes that are multifunctional and work as hair dryers, straighteners as well as hair curlers.

These are worth every penny as they will save you a lot of trips to the parlour. We know how expensive that is. Sigh! 

If you are looking for hair stylers for short hair a multifunctional electric hair brush is something that should definitely be on your list. It’s small compact and easy to manage. 

hair styling brushes

                                                                                             Buy this amazing hot styling brush Now!

These are a few products that are definitely worth your attention. Use your BD coin balance to buy them at a discount.

Happy shopping!

If you have any queries or concerns, send them to or call us at +44 20 8157 7075. Reach out to us through Whatsapp

Some FAQs

Ques: Which is the best curling wand for long hair?

Ans: If you are looking for a curling wand for long hair, Angel Decoration Hair Straightening And Curling Iron is absolutely best at what it does. You can get it at £70.63 during our festive season sale.

Ques: What is the difference between an epilator and a shaver?

Ans:  A major difference between a body hair shaver and an epilator is that an epilator works on the hair follicles and removes the hair from the roots while a shaver does not work on in-grown hair. Hair that grows after using the epilator is soft and smooth.

Ques: What should you look for while buying an electric hair brush?

Ans: There are a few things you should definitely check while buying an electric hair brush such as the heating control. It should not get too hot. The heat setting should remain below 375 degrees so that it does not harm your hair. It is easy and convenient to use. The brush is not too hard on your hair.

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