British D'Sire Customer Loyalty Program: An initiative to reward our loyal customers

British D'Sire Customer Loyalty Program: An initiative to reward our loyal customers, providing them with a fun and interactive shopping experience.

Customer loyalty reward programs are intended to demonstrate commitment to their customers. Throughout the course of our business, we have emphasized that our utmost priority is our customers. We at British D’sire have earned a stellar reputation for outstanding services and exceptional ingenuity.  

All of it started with a small dream to create a platform that could provide you with supreme quality, affordable products that fit right in your pocket by providing you with the luxury of “freedom to choose"

British D'Sire Customer Loyalty Program

We understand customer values and strive relentlessly to improve the shopping experience for our customers. To show our appreciation for the constant faith and support that you have trusted us with, we introduce our new customer loyalty reward program, the BD Loyalty Rewards Program.


There are a plethora of customer loyalty schemes, that are available today. So, what makes us different?  

We crafted our customer loyalty scheme with the objective of delivering something that suffices your curiosity and will keep you hooked. 

Since British D’sire stands for the freedom to choose, The first thing we made sure of in our customer loyalty scheme is that you have the privilege to be a part of the BD loyalty program without paying anything. 

We have concentrated all our efforts in order to create an excellent reward system for you that will make your shopping fun and rewarding. Our reward system works in a way that you will start earning “BD coins” right from the sign-up and with each activity the BD coins gets added on.

By redeeming these BD coins, you can get significant discounts and numerous other benefits on our platform.


A Guide to BD Loyalty Rewards Program:

Our Customer engagement loyalty program is a structured program focused on rewarding our most valued customers. Through our BD coins, you can enjoy exclusive discounts that are not available if paying through any other medium. There is no maximum redemption limit for the coins. 


Customer loyalty programs generally require customers to make purchases in order to qualify for the membership. What makes our customer engagement loyalty program different is that you can become a member without even purchasing anything from British D’sire. Becoming a part of our Loyalty Program is absolutely free & uncomplicated.

Some ways through which you can earn BD coins:

There are many ways of earning BD coins on our platform. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Sign up and earn 5000 BD Coins. 
  2. Follow our Instagram handle and like our Facebook page for another 1000 BD coins. 
  3. You can also earn 2500 BD Coins just by referring your friends to our website, and they will receive 500 BD coins for signing up. 

Not enough BD coins? Don’t worry! You can also earn BD coins through top-ups. It is a tool that lets you buy BD coins which you can use to get attractive rewards. Given below are some top up values that give BD coins worth different values.

  1. Top up with 20 pounds to get 10000 BD coins. 
  2. Top up with 40 pounds to get 20000 BD coins. 
  3. Top up with 100 pounds to get 50000 BD coins. 

Our customer loyalty programs are specifically designed to enrich your shopping experience. The program is our token of appreciation to you for your constant faith & support to all our sellers & SMEs. 

For more information on BD Loyalty Rewards Program check out User Guide.


Our customer engagement loyalty programs ensure that your shopping experience is seamless and hassle-free.  

 Customer Reward Program

The redemption of BD coins that you have earned is as simple and easy as earning them. You only need to follow these steps in order to redeem the BD coins. 

  1. Log in to the British D’sire website & Click on the Rewards button.  
  2. Click on Redeem and enter the specific value of the BD coins you want to redeem and get an exclusive coupon code
  3. Enter the coupon code at the checkout page. 

That is all! Sit back & enjoy your exclusive discount. 

Through our engagement loyalty program, we strive to create a harmonious customer relationship and improve customer satisfaction.

Have more queries about BD Loyalty Rewards Program? Check out the FAQ.

Ready to get started? Sign up on British D’sire, earn BD coins & get exclusive offers and discounts.


Still, have queries? 

Reach out to us. Call us on 442081577075 or drop an e-mail at

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