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Trendy Home Decor Ideas For Your Dream Home

Remember that feeling some places give you? The feeling of peace, happiness, contentment and positivity. Such places not only energise you but also make you feel more alive and at peace. What if you could feel that every day?
A home is a place where you can feel relaxed after a tiring day, a place which takes away all your worries and gives you a feeling of poise. Your home reflects your values and inspirations and tells a lot more about you than you think. We bring you the most interesting home decor ideas which you can use to turn your home into a paradise.
1. Go Green: There is a lot of buzz for eco-friendly home decor these days. It involves different kinds of plants being used as decor items in homes. Decorating your home with plants not only gives out a good vibe but also purifies the air surrounding you. The most popular plants that you can use are Kentia palm, Castiron plant, Peruvian apple cactus, Money plant, Winterbourn and Corn plant. You can use various attractive vases for these plants that go with the room’s ambience. Sculptural vases are the newest trend in home decor. Find them and a number of other decor items here.
2. Sustainable home designs: With minimalism being the essence these days, sustainable trends are popping up everywhere. From furniture to mattresses to lights everything is being recycled and is focused more on the natural side. Japandi is a popular home decor trend these days. It is an amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian styles which is directed toward eco-friendly and clutter-free designs. Japandi is concerned with buying quality products that may cost more initially but tend to last longer. Talking about sustainable designs you can choose from a wide variety of home decor and convenience products from our website. Just like this sustainable drying shelf.
3. Leather furniture: This year has seen the return of many classic styles, furniture being one of them. The leather furniture trend has returned and for good reason. Leather furniture tends to easily elevate the room decor and it doesn’t require much attention as long as you are not scratching them. You can throw in some soft cushions or pillows to make it stand out. Shop our selection of cushions and covers from our website.
4. Glass Lighting: Your home is a place for unwinding and relaxing, and lighting plays a crucial part in it. Be it the provision of natural light or artificial lighting, it contributes a lot towards creating the aura of your home. It tends to set the ambience and theme of your home. You can go with a floor lamp or a table lamp for the corners of your rooms, the right lighting can enhance the decor of the room manifolds.
This year, pendant lighting is set to take on a whole new direction with statement designs that explore individuality, form and function. Ceiling lights are also an essential part of home decor. Vintage ceiling lights are quite a buzz these days. Different rooms of your home require different lighting, for example, your bedroom needs a cosy atmosphere, so dim lights will work there, while your office space needs bright light. We have a wide variety of lamps and shades to choose from, for your office as well as home. Check them out.
5. Colorful trends of the season: We all love experimenting with colours for our homes don’t we? A lot of it has to do with our own choice. However, as far as going with the trends is concerned, 2022 is the year of bold colours. Textured wallpapers find their way into home decor this season too. Start with adding colours in accessories like pillows, wall art, or a rug against a neutral background. To bring out the whole ambience you can place some candles. Scented candles work like a charm for the aura of your home. We have an exclusive range of candles to choose from. You can experiment with colourful and patterned curtains, cushions, wall arts and furniture to bring out the colourful vibe of the season.
Check out this beautiful candle here.
6. In love with curves: With all the classic trends coming back this year, the most popular one is the curvy furniture trend. Curvy furniture is furniture having soft edges without corners, also referred to as rounded edge furniture. Rounded edge furniture is both stylish and trendy. It is more feminine and creates a forgiving ambience in your home decor. It is comfortable and kid-friendly, which may be the reason for its popularity. A blend of modern and feminine aura this trend is here to stay.
7. Accessories and more: We all love accessorising our homes. Accessories tend to add colour and beautify your home. They also add a personal touch to your home. Your home is the best depiction of your personality, it speaks through you. From clocks to wallpapers, posters, photo frames to key holders you can choose accessories that suit your style. You can go for adding vintage accessories to your home or go with modern pieces. We have a wide collection of clocks and photo frames to choose from. Go on and explore them.
As they say, home isn’t a place it’s a feeling. We want you to have the best feeling by utilizing these amazing trendy home decor ideas. Do let us know what works for you or just get in touch with us at For more such ideas keep watching this space
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